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Terms and conditions governing this move require that this claim must be received by the carrier within 60 days from the date of delivery. Please review the following information.

The inventory tag number is very important. Please show the number of the tag attached to the item, or carton in which it was packed. State the name of the item ie: "small carton", "loveseat" etc. Use the same name as was used on the inventory. If the inventory name is incorrect, include the correct name. Describe item in detail including color, finish, kind of material, pattern design, model, serial number, manufacturers name etc. as applicable.

If a shortage is claimed, you must provide a full description as above. If it's a carton, include size and shape along with any unusual identifying marks. You must also provide a complete list of contents. All of this information is necessary to enable the carrier to conduct a thorough search. Settlement may be expedited when this information is provided.

For those items you feel are repairable, you may leave this space blank. If you prefer to accept a cash settlement in lieu of repairs, please indicate an amount. In accordance with our tariffs, the carrier reserves the right to make repairs. The carrier reserves the right to request a receipt for replacement of items claimed in excess of $50.00. Please wait until you have been contacted by the carrier before replacing any item(s).

I am the owner of the property described. I did not cause or contribute to the damage set forth herein. All statements made in this claim and any attached documents are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. The above claim constitutes my complete and entire claim. Any items in respect of which cash settlement is made as compensation for loss or irreparable damage shall be the property of Advantage RELOCATION SYSTEMS LTD. I understand the carrier reserves the right to request a notarized statement or affidavit. All transportation and related charges must be paid in full prior to final settlement of my claim.

  Click on the Claims button and please complete the attached form to the best of your ability, and either fax it to (250)782-7455 or email to