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ADVANTAGE RELOCATION SYSTEMS LTD. is also able to help you move your vehicles or items from your cottage or another home. We are the experienced movers when it comes to getting everything done in a timely way.

Moving Your Vehicle

Let us move a vehicle for you. For safe transport of your car or motorcycle, it should be serviced before your move. Your vehicle should be in good running order and free of any leakage. It must be clean so that an accurate vehicle condition report can be made when it is loaded, noting the condition of the vehicle. You must be present during this inspection to sign and acknowledge the report. When it arrives at the destination, thoroughly inspect your vehicle with your destination member or van operator and note any exceptions.

Appliance Servicing

Machines and mechanical equipment in your home need to be prepared properly for your move to protect them from internal damage. All servicing should be performed by licensed professionals for items, including:

• Washers
• Dryers
• Refrigerators
• Stereos
• Grandfather Clocks
• Waterbeds
• And More
Loaded Moving Truck in Grande Prairie, AB

Please let us know if you would like this service and appropriate charges will be added to your bill of lading. Please remember that if these articles are not serviced before transportation, they will travel at your own risk for any internal damage that may occur.

Service for Seniors

Are you a senior citizen? Retirement age often presents a unique challenge when you move. Your belongings may be fewer, but they include family heirlooms and items of great sentimental value. We realize these things are important to you and require special care and sensitivity.

Multiple Locations

Let us collect and move your belongings from your vacation home or other residences. You may need us to pick up items at your cottage, second home, or at the homes of other family members. You may also require part of your shipment to be delivered to other family members or delivered into storage.


Valuation is a term used in the moving industry for the protection of your goods against loss or damage while in the care of your mover. It is not insurance but works the same way. You have two options available and should choose the one most suited for you.

Released Rate Protection

This no additional cost plan provides minimal protection, which will not be adequate in the event of a loss or some damage unless you will be reimbursed by another party or your goods are of nominal value.

Replacement Value Protection

You may increase the coverage of your shipment for an additional charge to ensure the full repair or replacement of every item. Ask us for more information.